In Memory...

Susan Joy

It is with great sadness that Everything Akasha must announce the passing of our beloved herbalist, "craft sister" and devoted friend.  Susan dedicated her time to nature, researching herbs and plants for a botanical encyclopedia which she generously allowed us to quote Sabbat after Sabbat in our e-newsletter.   We are sure many of you benefited from Susan's work and hope you will take a moment to read about her life and to send forth your blessings.

by Michael Watzky, New York, New York

Sue was born in the bronx in october 1958 to gloria and david watzky.

Sue was delivered into this world by the same doctor that had delivered my dad david watzky, first child of louis and sarah watzky some 29 years earlier. Sue and dad shared a special bond from day 1. Throughout the years dad had infinite patience for sue and sue had infinite patience for dad.

After dad passed away their dialogue continued. Over the last few months i belive dad visited sue’s dreams. In her last days she called out to dad. He was her angel and with her at the end.

Mom has also been an angel for sue. Caring for her every need during the past year. I am inspired everyday by mom's love and dedication to her daughter and to all of us.

Sue was an educator, an artist, a writer.

She started as an educator early, teaching her younger brother a wide range of useful and not so useful stuff. From how to read, to star trek hand signals, to silly roadtrip songs. After one carefully crafted lesson in jumping i managed to break mom and dad’s bed. I think sue was 8 and i was 5.

As a public school teacher in the bronx, she inspired her students with a unique curriculum which included susan joy original theatre.

During the past year she listened patiently to her nephew max fidget through phonics. Her other nephew sam often found his way to her lap for short spurts of pbs tv.

Much of sue’s art was destroyed in a fire a few years back. She was a gifted illustrator.

As a writer sue was a natural. From school plays to an original botanical encyclopedia to fiction sue’s pen covered a lot of ground. In time i hope to be able to share her works more widely.

Susan joy’s hebrew name was given to her by our grandfather. He was a quiet man of few words.

He gave susan joy her hebrew name - shana. The english translation of shana is beauty.


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