Poems for Beltane

By Devyn Barat

Build the bonfire,
Raise the pole
The Great Stone Wheel
Once again rolls
Red and White
Become entwined
As ‘round the pole
The children wind
Sympathetic fertility
To nature it lends
As down the pole
The wreath descends
Flower garlands,
Wore on the head
Or given to woo
And to wed
Silver and gold
To fast the hands
And shades of green
Across the land
Becoming one
By cup and blade
The Lord and Lady
In the glade.

Call to the Lord of the Wood
By Judith Nerbetski

It is You that I dream of,
My Horned One-
Lord of the Hunt
Filled with Passion
And ecstasy…
And yet, You hold back.
Standing at the edge
Of the great forest
You await My call…
Come to Me,
My Love!
For I am the Maiden,
Filled with desire for life...
I am the Mother,
Who will offer You sustenance…
I am the Crone,
And promise rebirthing
Come to Me,
My Love,
And let Me fill You
With joy everlasting
Come to Me
And find peace

Beltaine's Promise
by Tracy Martzall

Gathered by the lapping water's shore
In the moonlight, a fire flickers high
God and goddess welcome you this eve
To find your lover and dance as one

Songs of Earth and Water beckon a rising crescendo
The tunes will bring fruition to dreams and greening fields
Tremble with the power rising
A two backed beast moves thru the night

The furrow is plowed, the seed is planted
The Earth sighs in contentment for love of a God
The eastern sky lightens with a promise...
Another Beltaine, another season of love.

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